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The Armenian Genocide haunting Turkey

The Armenian Genocide was the deliberate and systematic slaughter of the Armenian population of the Ottoman Empire. The starting date is conventionally held to be April 1915 but experts speak about an ongoing massacre starting from 1986, through World War I, to 1923. This event is widely recognized as the first modern genocide due to the systematic and organized manner in which the massive killings were carried out. Indeed experts coined the word “Genocide” after this event; it is the most studied case after the Holocaust.

The Republic of Turkey, successor of the Ottoman Empire, does not accept the indictment and denies the use of “Genocide” to describe the event accurately. Up to date more than 20 countries have officially recognized the event as Genocide and repeatedly push Turkey to own up to the Armenian Genocide. Indeed it is characterized by use of massacre, indiscriminately of age or gender, and by the use of deportation, involving forced marches designed to lead the deportees to death. The death toll is held to be between 1 million to 1.5 million.

Last Thursday the US congressional panel approved the recognition of the mass Armenian killings executed by Turkish forces as genocide. Turkey warned the administration of Barack Obama saying over the adoption, saying that it would deteriorate strategic ties between the two countries. Turkey is pushing the US administration to impede the resolution identifying the slaughter of 1915 as genocide.

The US congressional approved a similar measure in 2007 but without result. Indeed the identification did not appear in broad daylight due to intensive pressures from George Bush, the former president. Such a vote would complicate relations, as Turkey is the highway through which the US supplies its troops to Iraq. Turley is also a NATO ally and possesses troops in the US NATO led coalition in Afghanistan.

October 10th, 2009 diplomatic relations between Turkey and Armenia evolved publicly. After decades of hostility they jointly signed the Turkey – Armenia Deal establishing diplomatic relations and opening their common border.

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